The main advantages of using DILAPAN-S

• DILAPAN-S stimulates the release of endogenous prostaglandins, which degrade collagen fibers and soften the cervix. With this effect, it supports the physiological process of ripening of the cervix.

• Dilates the cervix gradually and the effect is gentle as well as predictable.

• Patient comfort is manageable on-site and at home.

• No negative or undesirable pharmacological effects to cervix.

Dilapan-S is a hygroscopic cervical dilator made of a patented hydrogel called AQUACRYL. It is a rigid hydrophilic stick that increases in volume
by absorbing fluids and comfortably dilating the cervix.

hydration process

0 thru 24 hours

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Dry (4mm)





DILAPAN-S hydration process 0 thru 24 hours

Dilation achived, depending on the time in situ.

Time in situ (hours)

Expected dilation
(mm +/– 0.5)

2 hours

7.8 – 10.0

4 hours

10.0 – 11.2

6 hours

10.1 – 12.5

24 hours

12.75 – 14.6

Dilation will be less if the 3mm Dilapan-S is used

Ordering Directives

Dilapan-S Introduction (video)

Dilapan-S Labor Preinduction (video)

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