Preinduction Of labor

Gentle and predictable preinduction of labor

“Preinduction is a set of methods that result in ripening of the cervix in the means
of its pliability, shortening and softening”

  Roztočil A.: Preindukce a indukce porodu - Doporučený postup, 2010

“The maturity of the cervix is an indicator of the likelihood that the labor induction
will result in successful vaginal delivery”

Ramos, L. S. et al.: Induction of Labor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America, 2005

DILAPAN-S significantly enhances cervical ripening and increases the Bishop Score enabling effective and safe labor induction.

Key benefits of Dilapan-S in preinduction of labor: cervical ripening prior to labor induction

• Effectiveness in nursing time due to its one-time application (prostaglandins usually require multiple administrations)

• Patented hydrogel ensures higher efficacy and predictability of effect in comparison to laminaria

• Certified production and non-porous synthetic material ensure higher safety in comparison
to laminaria

• Cost-effectiveness in comparison to other methods

• Significant increase in cervical ripening and Bishop Score, which allows for the initiation of labor induction

• Easy application

• Minimal risk of uterine hyper stimulation and impact on the fetal heart rate

• Effective and safe for women with Caesarian section in medical history

• No pharmacological side effects

• Gradual and predictable efficacy due to its mode of action

• Very high patient acceptability

• Accentuates the physiological processes of labor

Labor induction should be initiated only with sufficiently matured cervix (Bishop Score higher than 5).

"Onset of regular uterine activity as a result of preinduction is a negative and unwanted side effect”

          Roztočil et al.: Kontroverze a chyby v indukci porodu, Moderni gynekologie a porodnictví, 2007

“The principal role of the agents used for cervical ripening is to soften an unripe cervix independent of uterine activity"

          Ramos, L. S. et al.: Induction of Labor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America, 2005


The use of DILAPAN-S is linked with minimum uterine activity during the ripening process

Recommended size and number of dilators:

• With regards to the expected shortening of the cervix it is recommended to use DILAPAN-S® 4x55mm size

• Usually, 2-3 pieces are used, however, it is possible to use more dilators if they can be inserted without 
  major resistance (3-5) and leave 12 hours in situ


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